General Information

Shake Ridge has perhaps best been described as a small village of vineyards rather than one contiguous site. Planted throughout 40 acres of rolling hills, each little parcel has a different slope, aspect and soil profile creating many different microclimates within the same vineyard.

The Tempranillo comes from a young block of head trained vines planted at an elevation of 1800 feet on a northern facing slope that softens the direct afternoon sun. The densely rocky soil contains a mixture blue schist and quartz, bringing a deep brooding stoniness to the wine, while the warm days and cool nights protect the freshness and juiciness of the fruit.


Shake Ridge Vineyard is a labor of love for Ann Kraemer and her family. Once a prominent viticulturist in Napa, Ann turned to the mountains when it came time to plant her own property. She lives on the vineyard full time and is one of the most talented and dedicated growers with whom we work.